Last year, the solar energy accounted for more than 3% of French power demand, and as of the end of December, the solar power generation accumulated 13,067mw.In 2021, France deployed 2,687MW added solar capacity, which found a best record in terms of installed capacity.In contrast, the country’s installed capacity in 2020, 2018 and 2017 is 973MW, 883MW and 890MW, respectively.According to the latest data released by the French Renewable Energy Association (SER), the fourth quarter of 2021 is particularly active, with about 761MW new photovoltaic system smoothly and grid.As of the end of December, French photovoltaic machine has accumulated 13,067 mW.SER also reported that in 2021, French PV array power generation is close to 14.3TWH, an increase of 12.6% from the previous year.The new Aquitang area has the highest yield, which is 3.8TWH.This is followed by the Danani region and Provence – Alps – Blue Coast Region, 3TWH and 2.1TWH, respectively.In 2021, the solar energy accounted for 3% of the total power consumption, while 2020 accounts as 2.8%.The highest records of more than 5% were created during June to August 2021.

2021 France deployed 2.68 GW solar energy