The African Development Bank Group (AFDB) announced that its board of directors has approved financing mechanisms, supporting Sahel Five Countries (G5) countries (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger) to install 500 MW solar energy. The World Bank will commit to the provision of $ 379.6 million (3341 million euros) of financing and technical assistance in the desert area in the next seven years, and power supply for the Five Group Saheler facilities. African Development Banks said that this fund will be used to achieve utility scale solar power through independent generator and energy storage solutions, and added that about 6.95,000 households will benefit from this project to obtain electricity. Daniel Schroth, Daniel Schroth, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Agent: \”This facility will also support integration of more variable renewable energy in the power system, especially by deploying innovative battery storage. Solutions and Power Grid Investment. \”In October 2021, the Green Climate Fund Council ratified $ 10 million in preferential resources for this facility, which is expected to take advantage of $ 37 million in additional funding from other development financial institutions from other development financial institutions. , Commercial banks and private sector developers, African Development Banks further statements. The approved facility is part of a broader desert power plant, which is taken by African Development Bank to provide 10 gigabit solar power and electricity for approximately 250 million people in 11 Saheler countries in 2030. . ($ 1.0 \u003d 0.88 euros)

African Development Bank approves the financing mechanism of 500 MW solar energy in G5 Saheler region