Renewable Energy ATLAS Renewable Energy has obtained a loan of 407 billion Bancel ($ 79.1 million / 69.6 million euros from Brazil SA), providing funds for a 239 MW Solar project of the country.The financing is provided by the Ministry of Constitutional Financing Fund, the Bank, will support the development of Radadol-Casablanca II solar project.Atlas Renewable Energy will become the main investors and operators of the photovoltaic power plant. This company focused on Latin American Pradic Poleca City, Minagiras.Brazilian Chemical Company Unipar Carbocloro SA will jointly invest solar projects and produce green electricity for its production of chlorine and chlorides.The Lar Do SOL Photovoltaic Park consists of 460,000 components, and the annual power generation is expected to reach 26,1662 households.(1.0 Brazilian Ryal \u003d 0.194 USD / 0.171 Euro)

Atlas rentable is a Brazil 239 MW Solar Project