Swiss renewable energy producer AXPO HOLDING AG said that the company’s goal is to expand its solar investment portfolio by 10 giga in the end of this century, which initially focused on its domestic market Italy, Spain and Poland. 10 GM Solar power generation capacity will be deployed at 10,000 hectares (24711 acres) parking lots, large roofs, greenhouses and facilities that have been used as solar power generation. This electric company has developed 4GW solar projects in Spain, Italy and Poland, which will create approximately 100 employment opportunities in the next year. In addition to these three countries, AXPO will continue to invest in its domestic market, and planned approximately 10,000 solar power plants in 2030, with a total power generation of approximately 200 megawatts. Headquartered in Baden Holdings also explore more similar projects in other active countries. This ambitious expansion plan is based on the financial strength of AXPO, issued a sustainability bonds of 500 million Swiss francs ($ 540.7 million / 2475 million euros) in January, as well as 250 billion euros (284 million \”last week (2840 million The dollar) loan loan has enhanced the financial strength of AXPO. The facility’s interest rates are associated with the target associated with the expandable energy capacity and diversity. (1 Euro \u003d $ 1.137) (1 Swiss Franc \u003d $ 1.081 USD / 0.951 Euro)

AXPO seeks to increase 10 GW in 2030