Bloomberg New Energy Report, 67 have joined the RE100 (100% renewable energy initiative) in 2021, with a total of 355 companies committed to use 100% renewable energy. 2021 global enterprise purchasing renewable energy contracts have set a new record of 31GW. Most of these capacity is purchased in Americas, of which 17GW comes from the United States, 3.3GW from other countries in North America and South America. Due to the sharp rise in Russia’s natural gas policy, European companies signed 12GW renewable energy capacity, while Asian companies actually fell sharply from 2020 to 2GW in 2021. Most of the renewable energy capacity purchased in global companies is solar photovoltaic. The amount of Amazon and Microsoft accounts for 38% of the world, of which 8.2GW is solar photovoltaic. The procurement of the above recorded solar photovoltaic photovoltaic is increasing in the case of the increase in photovoltaic cost. One survey of Levelten Energy shows that the photovoltaic cost has risen from the beginning of 2020 due to the increase in demand, the impact of macroeconomic fluctuations, supply chain problems, and other factors. According to Levelten Energy’s latest report, the 4th Quarter Power Distribution (PPA) price index shows 5.7% of PV prices, reaching 34.25 US dollars / megawatts.

Despite the rise of photovoltaic costs, 2021 global companies signed more photovoltaic installed capacity