A few days ago, the German Economics and the Minister of Climate said in the press conference held in Berlin, Germany responds to climate change work, and hopes to take full measures immediately. He said that this is necessary to show the status of Germany in the fields of climate actions, which is applicable to the climate objectives of various departments, and also apply to expansion of renewable energy and extension of the grid. \”Current climate protection measures are not enough in various fields, we must increase the speed of emission reduction by three times and complete more work in a shorter time.\” Habeck emphasized: \”We hope to achieve climate in 2045 Middle sumness increases the share of renewable energy by 80% to 2030. We are now being prioritized on orbit now – the first climate protection program will be launched at the end of April, the second will be in summer To the launch. With the \”land wind power law\”, Habeck hopes to legally use 2% of the country for wind power generation – this scale is much larger than the previous level. Habeck also plans to provide additional funding programs for hydrogen energy technology, \”climate and architectural strategy\” and \”solar acceleration program\”. Habeck also said that the government will take measures to increase immigrants from experts such as engineers to ensure that Germany has sufficient expertise to achieve its energy goals. He will describe the upcoming changes is not only \”challenge\”, but also to ensure the \”opportunity\” of the German economy to maintain \”innovation, competitiveness and prosperity\”. German official International Economic Promotion Agency Germany Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (GTAI) emphasizes that international companies will be able to profit from government policies, especially in the case of Germany. Robert Hermann, the general manager of the German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency, said to the China New Financial Reporter: \”The German government is so criticized and the specific instructions will take what measures to correct this situation is very unusual. All these changes means agile and innovation Germany and international companies will usher in huge new opportunities. These companies can contribute to Germany to achieve their climate objectives. \”The Climate Protection Plan is a historic opportunity. It gives energy economy’s powerful markets. We look forward to the rapid growth of solar energy and wind energy, hydrogen production and energy efficiency areas. This involves a huge task. It has opened a new road for German and international companies, developing innovation and sustainable in Germany. Sexual products produced and sold here. \”German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency Energy Building and Environmental Technology Department of Thomas Grigoleit said.

German Economics and Climate Minister: The country’s emission reduction speed must be three times