In 2021, the household photovoltaic add-in power supply machine 21.596GW, an increase of 113% year-on-year, and the new plus installed machine was 39%, which became the largest black horse in the PV field! Skyworth Group, became the largest black horses in the 821 household photovoltaic field! In 2020, Skyworth has not yet involved in the field of photovoltaic; in the first half of 2021, it recorded 829 million yuan! It is estimated that the total share of Skyworth Group is secondly to the old household photovoltaic company. This new business makes the market to see the new profit growth point of Skyworth Group, and have been recognized by the capital market, and the stock began sharply after the half-year newspaper announced! The Skyworth Group has become a close relationship with the sales network established in the home appliance industry. The home appliance sales network is sufficiently sinking, covering China’s country, with the target customers with the household photovoltaic, very high! Many years of high-speed development rapidly consumed home appliance market space, the domestic home appliance market entered the stock era of incremental age, the market tended to be saturated. In recent years, the impact of superimposed epidemic, the home appliance market has shown the lack of firepower, and the enterprise is forced to seek new breakthrough opportunities, and the update is more promising industrial cross-border, including the Chaoyang industry such as Internet, smart cars, and photovoltaic. The attention of home appliance companies. The success of Skyworth Group, let other home appliance companies \”find new mainland\”! After the TCL is after the acquisition of the Central Shares, the TCL will enter the household photovoltaic field! Li Dongsheng, chairman of the TCL founder, said in an interview with CCTV Financial Channel: This year we plan to increase the development of photovoltaic component business, and the development of new technology. In 2020, TCL entered the main circle, on July 21, the same year, Central Shares disclosed the progress of the progress of the proposal, Tianjin capital, Bohai State, TCL technology signed the \”property transaction contract\” on July 17. After the changes in this equity, TCL Technology held 27.55% of Central Shares through Central Group. Recently, TCL began recruiting household photovoltaic franchisees! A few days ago, TCL Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. issued the 2022 Spring Product Tasting and China Merchants. In the joining conditions, its clear photovoltaic agents have been experienced for more than one year and above, with design, construction, operation and maintenance, with relevant electricity, engineering qualifications, local social relations and good reputation. Haier’s photovoltaic, also came to the household! On February 15, Haier Energy released the 2022 photovoltaic inverter, photovoltaic component procurement project bidding forecast, and the cross-cut time of the interaction is March 4. According to the data, the components of the bidding, inverters, will be used in Haier energy photovoltaic power station to build a photovoltaic inverter, which is an annual bidding. Under the national strategy of \”Double Carbon Target\”, new energy, intelligent grids and other energy transformation industries have become the opportunities for market and enterprises, Haier, TCL, Skyworth and other home appliance industry have cross-border photovoltaic tracks, in the new market. In the middle, more future incremental space is obtained. With this, the industry is forecast that there will be more and more home appliance companies in the future, and cross-border is involved in the photovoltaic industry.

Home appliances: all running to do the household photovillene?