A report of the Energy Economic and Financial Analysis Institute showed that although the protest against the renewable energy project was observed before the federal election, Australia had quietly adopted an important solar milestone – installed capacity reached 25GW, per capita photovoltaic power generation More than the other countries around the world. For a country that is accused of exporting coal, this is a huge achievement. In the pollutant fuel, Australia’s ranking is also the first. Due to geographic and economic reasons, Australia will continue to maintain this kind of green energy in China, while exporting severe coal from other parts of the world. Green energy, especially solar energy is becoming a popular choice in Australia. In this large country, there is a low cost of green energy. Despite this, coal exports are still critical to maintaining domestic employment. According to the Australian Photovoltaic Association, the latest achievements of the total per capita Solar energy is in 2021. By the beginning of 2022, Australia’s cumulative capacity has actually jumped to 26.9 gW. This achievement is not to be underestimated in a country that is less than 26 million people. In contrast, in order to achieve the same per capita solar level, India requires more than 1350GW solar energy. Currently, India is about 50GW. Australia’s roof solar penetration rate is also leading globally, and the household rate is more than 30%, and the per capita roof solar energy is also in a leading position. This milestone has been drawn on the year of the Australian Asia Pattery Record. In this year, Australia has a total of 5.2GW photovoltaic installed. Although the second wave of COVID-19 causes confusion, the global solar market is growing, but the roof installation of family and enterprises still exceeds 3GW, reaching 3.24GW, set a record. The large large-scale ground solar power plant has set a new record in December. The current generation of power generation exceeds 1000GWH in the month, with a total of 1263GWH. According to the recent analysis, small and large solar projects in this year, the total needs of Australian electricity in this year. In order to maintain an energy export status in the posterior fossil fuel world, Australia is still building some ambitious power export projects, which will export green electricity, in addition to producing green hydrogen to re-export.

Household rate is over 30%! This country roof solar energy, per capita photovoltaic power generation