Domestic headlines 1, Shandong Liaocheng 5.8GW scenery key project list list: 2.5GW Clear owners, Jingke won the list! On February 18th, Shandong Liaocheng Energy Development \”14th Five-Year Plan\” (Draft for Comment), clearly clearing the focus of the city, and the list of light construction projects. The photovoltaic items include affordable and marketization and a total of 37.24 million kilowatts; wind power projects include a total of 2.1 million kilowatts of affordable and active promotion; totaling a total of 58.24 million kilowatts. Among them, there are 25.374 million kilowatts of projects in the owners, and the rest of the owners are temporary. Jingke ranks first in 650,000 kilowatts, followed by 300,000 kilowatts in Shandong, 217,000 kilowatts of national energy groups were the top three owners. 2, subsidies 0.2 yuan / W The newly added photovoltaic network is 40 megawatts, and strives to fight 50 megawatts. During the \”14th Five-Year Plan\” period, the county new-added capacity is 100 megawatts. The document is clear. From January 1, 202, the residential roof photovoltaic project was completed during the construction of grid-connected power generation during December 31, 2023, and the roof is given to the roof of 0.2 yuan a one-time investment subsidy, and the number is not more than 2,000 yuan. . 3, Hubei Yichang 2025 new energy installed 3 million kilowatts! Vigorously develop clean energy, build clean energy, the people’s government of Yichang City, Hubei Province released the \”Energy Development of Yichang City\” 14th Five-Year Plan. \”Plan\” proposed, in 2025, the city’s new energy installed capacity reached 3 million kilowatts. During the \”Plan\”, \”14th Five-Year Plan\” period, Yichang City implemented 86 energy key projects, and the total investment of project estimates of 175.9 billion yuan, of which 47.03.998 billion yuan, and power grid enhanced projects 8.449 billion yuan. Vigorously develop clean energy to create clean energy. Steadily promote wind energy development. Develop photovoltaic power generation in an orderly manner. 4, Jiangsu Wuxi: Small distributed photovoltaic, non-independently occupied, no need to handle construction project planning permits, rural construction planning permits Recently, Wuxi Natural Resources and Planning Bureau issued \”About further improvement planning and approval management simplified simple project construction project planning Notice of the Opinions (Trial) \”of the license. \”Notice\” points out to improve the conditions of living conditions and enhance public space quality, meet urban update requirements, from the perspective of ensuring public interest, improve administrative service efficiency, and determine a batch of simple low-risk projects, premise the premise of meeting the management requirements of relevant authorities Next, there is no need to handle construction project planning licenses or rural construction planning licenses. This includes \”small distributed photovoltaic facilities\” non-independently occupied. \” 5, Gansu Jingyuan \u0026 AMP; Zhanjiang Wind Power Signing of 1.5 million kilowatts \”Source Network Direct Reserve\” Integration Project February 17 The project planned construction of 1.5 million kilowatts of wind power, photovoltaic new energy power generation project, supporting construction 330kV changeTwo and corresponding grid facilities, introducing energy storage system construction projects and transformer production plants as electricity loads, and configuring battery energy storage power stations. The project takes advantage of the rich scenery-rich ventilation in the silver area, and the power supply system with a wind is stored as the core, ease the pressure of electricity in silver. 6. Water-growing energy energy monthly signed 250MW of the county photovoltaic project on February 18, the water-promoting Industrial Energy Group signed \”Water Enterprise, Wu Xuan County\” distributed photovoltaic development investment construction project Cooperation Agreement, which will invest in 250MW of distributed photovoltaic projects in Wu Xuan County. In addition, the water-haired Industrial Energy Group will continue to invest in the construction of nearly 400MW of fishing light complementary projects, strive to create a number of demonstration projects that have a batch of outstanding style, hard-drying, and make more, more, more A good project is rooted in Wu Xuan, a result of flowering. 7, total investment of 6 billion yuan! Yusu semiconductor will invest 20GW single crystal rod sliced \u200b\u200bproject in Yunnan, February 19, Yunnan Province Qujing Semiconductor Co., Ltd. And Signal Ceremony was held in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. Signing Site, Fujing City Deputy Mayor Wu Jing and Yuxi (Jiangxi) Semiconductor Co. 20GW single crystal rod slices and total investment of about 4 billion yuan of 100,000 tons of phosphate series project cooperation agreement. Overseas headlines 8, the Swiss Federal Committee refuses to enforce new housing installation solar facilities According to the Latest Subscription of the Swiss Federal Committee to (Legislative) consultation procedures, the federal government refuses to comply with the willingness of the Parliament, and enforce the new housing to install solar facilities. According to the federal government estimates, 2025 Winter Switzerland may have shortage of electricity. The arrangement of large-scale reducing carbon dioxide emissions and exiting nuclear power will further intensify this dilemma. Expanding renewable energy facilities construction is the current energy strategy of federal government, but whether the size and speed of the addition is enough. Some people even put forward returns, but the proposal has been vetoed 10 days ago. 9. South African green energy transformation can be created in 250,000 jobs in the Global War Council (GWEC) in 25 years. The post and bring more than 1000 million US dollars (about 15 million Range) to the South African economy. GWEC pointed out that the current South African energy system relies on coal, and its greenhouse gas emissions account for about 5% of the world, and South Africa is still working hard to maintain energy supply stability. Today, the hard-working bee will never have time to sorrow. Black

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