Low-voltage electrical switch use precautions, the safe use of low-voltage electrical switch and the use of

The safe use of low-voltage switch

1. Safety precautions for the installation and use of knife switches are as follows.

1) The knife switch should be installed vertically on the switch plate and make the static contacts above. When wiring, the static contact should be connected to the power supply, and the dynamic contact should be connected to the load.

2) When closing the knife switch, it should ensure that the three phases are closed at the same time and the contact is good; when dividing the switch, it should disconnect the three phases at the same time, and ensure that the disconnection is a certain insulation distance.

(3) The knife switch without interrupting cover is generally not allowed to break and close the power load, so as not to burn the knife switch.

1) The knife switch with porcelain bottom and rubber cover should be installed vertically and the handle should be closed upward, not installed upside down and flush.

2) When wiring, the power supply should be connected to the incoming terminal block above the switch, and the load should be connected to the outgoing block below. After such a gate is pulled, no electric shock accident will occur when the fuse is replaced. When wiring, the screws should be tightened and contact resistance should be minimized to avoid overheating.

3) The installation should make close contact between the blade and the clamp seat, and the clamp seat has enough pressure. The blade and clamping seat should not be distorted.

4) Replacement of the fuse must be done with the gate pulled open. The replacement fuse should be the same as the original fuse specification.

3. Precautions for the installation and use of the enclosed load switch are as follows.

1) Enclosed load switch should be installed vertically. The general installation height is 1.3~1.5m from the ground.

2) Enclosed load switch enclosure should be reliably grounded or zeroed.

3) Enclosed load switch inlet and outlet holes should have insulating washers.

4. The following precautions should be taken for the installation and use of the transfer switch.

1) When installing the transfer switch, the handle should be kept in a horizontal rotating position.

2) Since the change-over switch has low breaking capacity, it cannot be used to break the fault current. When used for motor forward and reverse control, the power supply must be turned on only after the motor has completely stopped rotating.

3) When the power factor of the load is low, the contact capacity of the transfer switch should be reduced.

Low-voltage electrical switch use precautions, the safe use and use of low-voltage electrical switches