Licheng County Xiqi Industrial Park, Shanxi Li Xinhua Technology Co., Ltd. Annual output 1,000 tons of physical metallurgical photovoltaic silicon purified mound project site, a high-output silver gray polycrystalline silicon rod placed. At the same time, the company’s annual production of 10,000 tons of polysilicon projects is also intensifying construction and completion, and will have a physical metallurgical method for the manufacture of 6N solar-class polysilicon manufacturing capabilities. Changzhi High-tech ZoneĀ  Solar Single Crystal Solar Battery Production Workshop, automated mechanical equipment is efficient and busy in various production links. The battery-conversion efficiency produced here is 23.3%, and various technical indicators reach the world’s advanced level. There is a blue photovoltaic plate on the Tunuku Village, the ups and downs of the mountains, and the blue photovoltaic plates are filled with sunlight, so that the \”ridiculous mountain\” is getting rich \”Jinshan\”. Three locations, three projects, seemingly irrelevant, but in their hot operation, completed a magical change from \”silicon\” to \”electric energy\”. A continuous growth of the photovoltaic industry chain, becomes a contiscinating chain of them. Upstream, fresh silicon material polysilicon production, open industrial port; medium-reachao, solar photovoltaic film, photovoltaic battery assembly production, Qingdao high-test photovoltaic battery cutting, Sun Shengda photovoltaic glass production, build industrial core; downstream, Changzhi photovoltaic power generation technology Leading the base project 500,000 kilowatts, Tunuo 100,000 kW photovoltaic power generation and other projects, extension industrial applications. One sand, a industrial chain, an industrial cluster, this prospective strategic layout is an important part of Changzhi City to cultivate the emerging industries. In recent years, Changzhi City focuses on the development of new energy industries, creative building energy and energy equipment manufacturing \”two service providers\”, and the photovoltaic industry has become one of the representative industries that continue to promote industrial transformation and upgrading in Changzhi. After a few years of development, 8 of Changzhi City’s existing photovoltaic enterprises have achieved a total output value of 7 billion yuan in 2021. The photovoltaic assembly, photovoltaic glass, solar power is mainly, relying on the leading enterprises such as Su’an Solar, Shengda Photovoltaic Glass, initially forming the entire vertical photovoltaic industry chain from crystal to photovoltaic module manufacturing installation, further consolidating the leaders of the province status. 2GW solar single crystal PERC high-efficiency battery, 1GW high-efficiency double-sided double hypotonic component project has been put into production, technology is in the international leading level. Born to green, stronger by \”light\”. To do a good job in the construction of the photovoltaic industry chain, more importantly, to introduce more \”strong\” \”strong chains\”, for weak links \”make up\”. Take this, during the \”14th Five-Year Plan\” period, Changzhi City will focus on pushing PERC technology, N-type single crystal and other high-efficiency crystal silicon batteries, industrialization of new thin film batteries, improves solar cell conversion efficiency, and devices life. Continuing to reinforce \”Silicon Mineral-Silicon Powder-Flat-Solard-PV Glass-Glass Decades\” and \”Industrial Silicon-Word-Battery Production-Battery Component Package-Solar Battery Application\” Photovoltaic Industry Chain, established \”battery\” and components Development model of the production of leading enterprises + R \u0026 D center + diamond line and photovoltaic glass production supporting enterprise + application \”, actively develop photovoltaic inverters, photovoltaic energy storage equipment, solar tracking devices, etc., to create a national photovoltaic industry base. growHigh-efficiency photovoltaic molten single crystal silicon industry is developed, and the development of high-efficiency and low-cost ultra-thin crystal silicon solar cells and photovoltaic key production equipment.Actively carry out the research and development and industrialization of key technologies and equipment of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems and intelligent microgrid, and reduce photovoltaic power generation costs.Focus on the \”14th Five-Year Plan\” to achieve new energy and clean energy installed capacity accounts for 50%, power generation accounts for 30% goal, promoting new energy multiplier development, Changzhi City coordinated new energy power generation and traditional electricity coordinated development, onePromoting the construction of new energy sources.Focus on the construction of the company and Yucheng Jixian distributed photovoltaic development pilot, Qi County Guangfeng 200MW photovoltaic power generation, new energy installed 1 million kilowatts.By 2025, the photovoltaic industry realized the main income of over 15 billion yuan, and the capacity of production capacity reached 70%.A photovoltaic industry with green new energy as the core is gradually restored, helping Changzhi City High-level construction national resource-based urban transformation demonstration zone, and steadily in the road to promote high quality development.

Photovoltaic Industry Chain Development Promotion Industry Collection