International Energy Network / PV Headline (PV-2005) has made incomplete statistics on the 3rd week of February 3rd (February 14th – February 18) PV EPC recruitment, this week’s tendering project scale totaling 2242.91MW, the scale scale 3839.54MW, the scale of the bid scale was 6082.45MW. In terms of prices, the EPC this week fell sharply to 3.73 yuan / watt, and it has been low in recent weeks. 26 bidding projects 2242.91MW This week, local energy, Jinneng Holdings, Southern Power Grid, Jingneng Group, Huaneng Group, etc. . The specific installed scale is shown in the table. In the last two weeks, the tendering market has been relatively cold, whether it is less than the number of projects, and relatively concentrated, this week is concentrated in a few companies such as Jinneng Holdings and Huaneng. From the scope of tendering, Jinneng Holdings 500mW in the total capacity of the centralized photovoltaic project in Shanxi, the Huaneng Group ranked second with 650.89mW column, with the county’s new energy released, Suizhou City Complementary project, the installed capacity is 262MW, and the bidding list is third. This week’s largest bidding project is a 300mW smart energy integrated photovoltaic power generation project and sent an engineering supervision service project. The project tenderer is Jinyuan Holdings Jin Yinyuan New Energy Co., Ltd., and the construction site is located in Qiyuan County, Shanxi Province. The project has a capacity capacity of 300MW, with a total investment of about 121,80400,500 yuan, a unit price of 4.06 yuan / watt. The scope of tendering includes project survey and design, budget preparation, equipment procurement supply, civil construction and installation construction, and project supervision services. From this week’s tender category, the large EPC is 17, the installed capacity is 1707.73MW, and the small EPC of the key equipment such as the photovoltaic module, inverter is 9, the installed capacity is 535.18mW. The 27 winning bid projects have averaged 3.73 yuan / Wawa Week Three Gorges, Huaneng, Huadian, Datang, and Nuclear, etc. have released 27 winning bid projects, with a total scale of 3839.54MW. Among them, the Three Gorges Group issued three winning bid projects, two of which were large base projects, with a total capacity of 1930MW, first, Huaneng 400MW column second, Huadian ranked third in 304.4MW. This week’s capacity is from the Three Gorges Group. The project is the Three Gorges Energy Qinghai Golmud 1100MW Photovoltaic Optical Heat Project EPC General Contract Project, planning 1000MW Photovoltaic Power Project, supporting 100MW photothermal project, located in Golmud City, Haixi, Qinghai Province The Uku Mei Ren’s solar power generating base. The project bidding scope includes the 35kV TV survey and design of the 35KV collection line of 1000MW PV-WVE project, 35kV collective line survey and design, and materials related to the project (including components, brackets and inverters, etc.) and materials related to projects. Purchase supply, building (including water, energization, passage, venue flatness, etc.) And installation engineering construction, project management, commissioning, acceptance, training, transferring production, engineering quality warranty period, etc. This bidding is divided into three standard sections, of which the 1 bizal capacity is 500mW, 2 bibli-capacity is 300mW, and the 3-bidding capacity is 200mW. The project pre-bidding average price of 3.19 yuan / watt. Another big base project of the Three Gorges Group, the Three Gorges Energy Qinghai Qinghai DC Phase 3 Signal Section 1000MW Photovoltaic Photoelectric Project 900MW Photovoltaic Project EPC General Contract Project, the winning bidder is also 3.2 yuan / tile. It is precisely because the two large base projects have a unit price of 3.2 yuan / tile, so the average price of EPC this week has a new low in recent weeks, 3.73 yuan / watts. From the classification of the winning bid project, the large EPC project this week is 13, the installed capacity is 2633.33MW, the winning bid price is between 3.08 yuan / watt ~ 4.9 yuan / tile. This week’s single price, the highest EPC project is the 70MW photovoltaic project of Hubei Shi Mountain Temple. The project tenderee is Jin opened new energy subsidiary Hubei Kai Ou Photovoltaic Power Generation Co., Ltd. The scope of tendering includes the design, procurement, construction, supervision and matching boosting stations and delivery line projects. Hubei Zhongke Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as the first winning candidate of the project, the bidding price of 3429.99 million yuan, equivalent 4.9 yuan / watt. This week, 14 small EPC projects, project capacity 1206.21MW, the winning bid price is between 0.7 ~ 2.74 yuan / tile. One week News: Silicon supply increments does not expect the big base project 3.2 yuan / watt? At the beginning of this year, with the issue of expansion of expansion, Asian silicon industry, as well as Xinyi Light Enterprises, the industry and other enterprises announced the cross-boundary polysilicon industry, and the industry generally optimally optimizes the price of crystalline silicon will fall back to normal. However, since February, polysilicon has risen slightly for two consecutive weeks. According to the silicon industry, the supply increment is not as expected in February, the supply increment is still not demand, and the overall market supply of the silicon material is relatively short and off, and the price increases. The release of silicon production capacity is not expected, and it has also been confirmed in terms of special change electricians. On February 15th, the special change agricultian said when interacting with investors, although many companies have announced the expansion plan, in view of the influence of restricted factors of energy consumption, the planned output polycrystalline silicon capacity can be achieved, waiting for further verify. In this context, silicon wafers and battery packs have slightly slightly rising, and the price of component is still maintained above 1.85 yuan, especially between 1.88 / watts, especially 182 and 210 components. This week, the three major base projects of Three Gorges Energy, the price is basically around 3.2 yuan / tile, and even 3.08 yuan / watt low price. If it is calculated according to the current component price of 1.85 yuan / watt, the cost of the component accounts for 57.8% of the entire project, and other procurement of materials such as project design, inverters, traffic boxes, and project construction only account for only 42.2%, which is not enough 1.4. Yuan / watt. Obviously, soThe price cost cannot guarantee the reasonable profits of the EPC enterprise.For EPC companies, you can only have the conditions for the start of the component price to fall to the appropriate range.The downstream game on this industrial chain will continue, the result, the international energy network / photovoltaic headline (PV-2005) will continue to pay attention!

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