A few days ago, Henan, Shanxi and other places have released the head leading, and the photovoltaic power station built within the river management scope was included in key investigation and remediation. The general river issued by Henan Province, \”Decision on the Clearing and Rehabilitation of River Taoism\” is required to comprehensively investigate the outstanding problems of hindering the flooding of the river, carry out centralized cleaning and remediation, and protect the river floven. The waterproof building including the photovoltaic power station is listed as the main investigation and remediation. The Decision of the General River Longli Order No. 01 of Shanxi Province \”clearly launched the decision of the special rectification of river Taoism\” \”clear, obstructing the\” Who of China \” Industrial and civil buildings such as photovoltaic power plants built within the scope are demolished or relocated by everyone. The photovoltaic power station must not affect the river floss reporter noted that the investigation and remediation of the photovoltaic power station in the main river in the two provinces in Shanxi mainly focused on the impact of the electric station on the flooding of the river. According to Lombard’s China Regional Solution Expert, Ma Jingtao, the photovoltaic power station within the river management ranges generally contains two categories. Although the construction land of a class of power stations is within the management of river, the ground properties are land. \”Suitably, some are construction along both sides of the edge of the river; although in the river, the component power plant is usually land, silt and shallow water, and the components are installed by concrete pile foundation and steel brackets.\” A type of power station is fully constructed in the river water, and the photovoltaic power station is directly mounted on the waters of the water by pile foundation bracket or plastic floating cylinder or the like. \”In the broader\” water-surface photovoltaic \”, Ma Ke Tao said that the industry does not have strict definition conditions, generally regarding the ministerial period of the photovoltaic power plant as a water-surface photovoltaic.\” And most of the waters is shallow water surface photovoltaic power station. On the ground, mountain photovoltaic is no essential difference in the installation method, still using a longer concrete pile, and installs the photovoltaic component to power generation using steel structural brackets. \”In the early years, most of the photovoltaic power plants built in the river management range is ‘pile foundation’, usually play a lot of concrete piles in the river. For river flovement, the water conservancy department has a detailed assessment plan for the tract of the river in fixed time. Once the pile foundation is over-secret, it will inevitably produce drainage problems, and the flow rate will bring risks to the river flovement. . Wu said Wu, in the early domestic water, the relevant person in charge of the development enterprise, pointed out that at the beginning of the construction of photovoltaic power station, the relevant competent department will systematically assess the power station, and the power generation project of the river flood will be strictly prohibited. 2021 In November, the Ministry of Water Resources has conducted public notification on the construction of the photovoltaic station in Shandong Province, the construction of the photovoltaic station. According to the notification, the photovoltaic array of photovoltaic arrays is located in the river role, illegally occupying the length of 3.4 kilometers, 1021 mu, The river flood and flood safety have a great impact. It has been demolished according to law. Compared with the \”pile foundation\” power station, Wu believes that the influence of the photovoltaic power station installed by \”floating\” is greatly reduced. \” Our company is doing the first river floating power stationAt the time, the depth communication with the water conservancy department and made detailed experiments and evaluation forecasts, and the floating power station will never hinder the flooding of the river. \”The effect of ecological environment can not be generally removed from flood control requirements, Wu pointed out that for the photovoltaic power station involving water in water, there is a more stringent requirement in ecological and environmental protection. Ma Jingtao told reporters that the environmental assessment of water surface photovoltaics, except for land planning, In addition to the conventional projects such as the compliance analysis, construction and production process of power planning, in some cases, in some cases special evaluation of the atmospheric environment, the water environmental impact, ecological impact, etc. \”For example, if it is a construction of a floating power station, The material of the floating body is not safe. There is no pollution on the water quality. The photovoltaic array is covered with water surface. The extent of water evaporation, transparency, and various trace elements will be included in the specifically considered scope of the previous environmental assessment. \”Wu emphasized that the water surface floating power station is more complicated due to construction and operational environments, and the corresponding impact assessment cannot be generalized. Wu said that the high-quality water floating power station will not only cause damage to the water body and the surrounding ecological environment, will also reduce the surface Evaporation, preventing eutrophication from water body, and the role of protecting water resources. \”In Singapore, the water surface of the drinking reservoir can build a floating photovoltaic power station, and after the power plant is built, the water quality of the reservoir is still in line with the safety standards of drinking water. \”But Wu also emphasized that China will highly pay attention to the protection area of \u200b\u200becological environment, and will strictly limit the construction of photovoltaic power plants. Comprehensive evaluation system has been treated, and many provinces in China have been released.\” The \”multiplied plan\” of the renewable energy development during the 14th Five-Year Plan. The relevant person in charge of China’s PV industry association pointed out that under the high speed, under the momentum of the multi-purpose machine, the emerging form of water surface photovoltaic needs to establish a corresponding standard system, standardize development In 2012, the State Housing and Construction Department and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection, were jointly issued the \”Design Specification for PV Power Station\”, standardized the site selection of photovoltaic power station, environmental protection and soil and soil and soil. Single, the reporter From the China Poetry Industry Association, as of now, the association level issued a total of \”high-density polyethylene buoy with water photovoltaic power generation system\” \”design specifications for water photovoltaic power generation system\” \”Floating photovoltaic power generation system acceptance specifications\” three water-surface photovoltaic related Standard. Among them, \”Design Specifications for Water Photovoltaic Power Generation\” make clearly stipulates the site selection, station area arrangement, water resources and environmental protection, requires environmental protection and flood control, irrigation, and irrigation of water photovoltaic power generation system. Assessment of vessel sailing, aquaculture, planting, etc.; The special waters should be considered, drainage facilities; water photovoltaic power generation systems should not damage the original water system of the water. \”Relatively speaking, the water floating power station is still a new thing, and the project landing is also mainly concentrated in the last 5 years. Industry still needs to continue to explore its ecological ringThe influence of the environment, establish a better evaluation system.\”Wu said. Extension reading water photovoltaic station refers to the photovoltaic power station established in water formed in the water pond (fish crab pond, etc.), small and medium lakes, reservoirs, water storage pools, and lakes formed in the collapse area. CurrentlyPiling and floating, existing water surface photovoltaic size, 3 meters, shallow water area, \”fixed piling + fixed stent\”, a small amount of \”fixed piling + tracking stent\”; deep water area floating (about 3-10Mi) is still in the demonstration stage, and the technical maturity is to be improved. It is an important development direction of future water photovoltaic. With the restriction of land resources, the decline in construction costs and the development of technology, water-surface photovoltaic promotes the development of global renewable energy developmentPlaying increasingly important roles, global installed capacity is also rapidly promoted.

Publish a total of the total river, and the water surface is built!