A few days ago, the country’s first photovoltaic intelligent chicken farm built in Xinglong Village, Dade Town, Chongqing, will, when the chicken farm will bind a blend of nursing, photovoltaic power generation, organic fertilizer production and egg deep processing and other projects, is committed to development.Modern agricultural development model of green + low carbon + organic + cycling.It is understood that the roof of 3,000 square meters of roof shed has all been installed on the roof of the roof garage, which is expected to generate more than 700,000 degrees.This comprehensive utilization is equivalent to 3,700 trees, saving 2,640 tons of electricity coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing dust emissions about 180 tons.At the same time, the solar photovoltaic plate underlying resettlement can play an important role in the temperature control effect of the chicken farm.

The first photovoltaic smart chicken farm in Chongqing is built in Central Chongqing!