After two months, MEYER BURGER’s chief financial officer resigned. This heterogeneous battery and component manufacturer need to find another alternative to serve as this job. Nathalie Benedikt was appointed as a chief financial officer on January 1, 2022. She asked to terminate the contract due to personal reasons. Previously, Benedikt’s predecessor – before congrgan and Q Cells company executives J├╝rgen Schiffer were replaced after 15 months. Benedikt will leave after the 2021 financial statements of this Switzerland, after her duties will be temporarily allocated in the management team until the position is filled. MEYER BURGER has opened a component and battery manufacturing board, Franz Richter, opened in Germany. \”At the same time, the Meyer Burger also consolidated its management team and appointed a chief operator (COO) and a chief business official (CCO). Meyer Burger opened a component and battery manufacturing in Germany last year. Factory, each factory has a year production capacity of 400MW. Last year, due to the impact of the supply chain bottleneck and COVID-19 caused the absence than average level, the company slowed production capacity, causing the component to reduce production. Currently, Meyer Burger is being in the United States Building a component production plant is expected to reach 400MW by the capacity of the end of 2022.

The new member of the Chief Financial Officer is in the next month, and Meyer Burger will replace CFO again.