February 17th, Enfinity Global Inc. announced the acquisition of 250 MW Solar photovoltaic portfolios in Japan, with an enterprise worth $ 1 billion. The acquisition consolidated Enfinity Global in Japan’s business platform and laid the foundation for the company’s further expansion in Japan. The acquisition includes five projects currently under construction in three operations in three operations. At present, the current factory general decontact machine is 70 megawatts, and the installed capacity of the project is 180 MW, with 80 MW programs to be operated in 2022, and the remaining 100 MW programs are implemented in 2023. This acquisition enables Enfinity Global to Japan’s platform to 281 megawatts, covering nine self-owned and hosting projects, and operates according to the online electricity price. \”Acquisition of this portfolio consolidated Enfinity as one of the Japanese renewable energy market leaders. We believe that this market will substantially grow, provide support for Japanese ambitious 2050 free carbon goals. Our team expertise makes Enfinity It is very advantageous to play an important role in this new scenario, \”Enfinity Global CEO Carlos Domnech said. Peter Hennessy, vice president of business development: \”In the past seven years, in the development of these 9 projects, our team members have successfully combined local resources and global knowledge. This acquisition reflects our right Japan’s long-term promise. \”One of Asia’s largest investment company PAG participated in this investment in one of Asia’s largest investment company PAG participated in this investment. Yusu Village Securities is the only leading line and bookkeeping of financing of the portfolio project. \”Yushan is very happy to provide support and liquidity for Enfinity Global to consolidate its platform in Japan and prepare for future global growth. Solution, especially customers like Enfinity Global, they have experienced, talented teams, and have developed attractive business strategies to promote transformation to low-carbon economy. \”Japan currently cumulative renewable energy installed capacity The world ranked 6th and promised to achieve carbon in 2050. To this end, the Government recently approved the \”sixth strategic energy plan\”, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% before 2030, and increased renewable energy to 36% to 38% of total power supply. Japan’s accumulated photovoltaic machine capacity is from 2020, 67 GW reached 150.030 GW. (Source: Japan Economic and Trade Industry and Japan Economic Development Bureau)

This company enters the Japanese market: acquire 250MW solar power station worth $ 1 billion