On February 4, Xinjiang Government Work Report – Released on January 23, 2022 at the fifth meeting of the 13th People’s Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on January 2022. It is mentioned that in 2021, the resource-intensive industry has accelerated development, and the raw coal production increased by 18.3%. The output of 10,000 yuan increased by 59.3%. The total power supply of the whole society increased by 13.58%, including 19.8% of the new energy, outside. When powering is 1159 billion kW, an increase of 20.7% is an important contribution to national energy supply! The strategic emerging industry has shown a rapid development momentum, and the output of photovoltaic silicon-based materials is 469,400 tons, an increase of 30.9%, and polysilicon production accounts for 58%. Tourism has accelerated recovery, and the number of tourists will receive 10.91 billion, an increase of 20.52%, and tourism income is 141.569 billion yuan, an increase of 42.69%. Supporting strategic emerging industries accelerated development, supporting key enterprises such as equipment manufacturing, promoting the development of photovoltaic silicon-based industries to further expand the scale, attracting a batch of electronic components enterprises to settled in Xinjiang. 2022, focusing on the construction of the \”three bases, one channel\”, focusing on the construction of a major project construction such as 20,000 tons of PV, Sinopec Kuper, 20,000 tons of photovoltaic production, actively promoting 12 million tons of Shanshan Petrochemical A batch of priorities such as 1 million tons of ethylene, Sinopec Tower River refining company; promote silicon-based new materials to photovoltaic, silicon alloy, silicon chemical, silicon electronics and other downstream industrial extensions; . Promote the third channel of \”China Electricity\”, \”West Vision East Investment\” four-wire project start construction, and improve the capacity of \”China’s foreign delivery\”. Construction of the 750 kV owner and consolidate the rural grid. Relieve large wind power photovoltaic power generation bases, speed up new energy power generation, pumping energy storage, electrochemical energy storage, digital intelligent grid project construction. Accelerate the promotion of communication construction. The Government Work Report shows: Push the industrial strong base synergy and transformation upgrade. Coordinate the advantage of the advantageous industrial extension, make up the chain, the chain, strong chain, implement an industrial base rendering project, and accelerate the promotion of industrial agglomeration and cluster development. With employment-oriented, focus on textile and clothing, agricultural products processing, electronic products, light industry products and other labor-intensive industries, accelerate the development of food processing industries, actively promote the development of special industries such as wines, dairy products, horses industry, national medicine. Promote the construction of \”three bases\”, focusing on promoting a number of major project construction such as 20,000 tons of photovoltaic production in Tianshan North Hill Trillion Cube and Sinopec Kuper. Highlight new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, biotechnology, new energy, new generation information technology, energy-saving and environmental protection and other industries, and promote the development of strategic emerging industries. Implement a digital Xinjiang strategy, increase 5G network coverage and application landing, promote the development of Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with economic and social development. Focus on building an industrial chain of advantageous industries. Give full play to the advantages of Xinjiang cotton production and petrochemical, coal chemical industry, vigorously develop spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, apparel industries, and focus on building cotton industrial chains, promote silicon-based new materials to photovoltaic, silicon alloy, silicon chemical, siliconElectronic and other downstream industrial extension chains.

Xinjiang: 2022 focuses on 20,000 tons of photovoltaic production and other major projects